We provide life transforming keynotes, results coaching, online courses, retreats, and books. These practical, science-based trainings inspire and educate. Our programs were developed and researched at Stanford University. Research shows they result in change. Dr. Delizonna has delivered these trainings for leaders, governments and public programs in over 15 countries across four continents.


Our mission is to drive prosocial evolution. Thus far whichever organism happened to be the fittest, luckiest and most adaptable to happenstance resulted in survival. The speed and power of technology has changed that game, making it a risky system. If humanity is to positively progress and avoid dystopian futures or implosion, we need a different approach. Now more than ever, humans need to be adaptive, have complexity in thinking, and wise. We aim to shape social evolution intentionally, applying highest wisdom and science to drive prosocial outcomes.

We believe that when enough people live their best life, humanity will hit a tipping point. The result will be an unimaginable transformation in the world.


For 20 years I have been training people from the boardroom to the classroom to live their best life. But my expertise has much more personal origins.  Early one morning, twenty-five years ago I began my quest to find happiness. 

After a completing a year at University of Southern California, I dropped out of college and found myself at sunrise sitting atop Mount Sinai in Egypt. There, where Moses is said to have seen the Burning Bush, I had an epiphany. I gazed over a sea of golden mountain peaks as sunrays burst into the pink sky. Awestruck, I saw an image. I saw myself trudging through life as if carrying a backpack full of rocks. A voice inside me said, “You are supposed to be dancing through life.”

Tears streamed down my face, and I made a vow: I would find my way to happiness, and when I arrived, I would teach what I had learned to others. I sealed my decision with a stack of stones and descended from the mountain.

I studied under the world’s best scholars. My mentors included top scientists at Stanford, Harvard, and Boston University. Many unlikely geniuses shared with me their nuggets of wisdom—a French carpenter, Buddhist monks, a quirky housewife, taxi drivers, Maasai warriors, Silicon Valley titans, and an old cowboy at a campfire.

Did I arrive at happiness? Well, I discovered a greater truth: Happiness isn’t a destination—it is a way of living. Moment-by-moment we create happiness with our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds. Flat tires, soft heartbreaks, and bruised knees still happen. They are integral to the magnificent journey of life. These lessons continually deepen my understanding as well as keep my teaching real. They remind me to discover the magic and live the mystery.

After earning a PhD and specializing in positive psychology, I began creating happiness programs. I distilled my personal insights and applied cutting-edge research from neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. While teaching at Stanford, I had the incredible fortune to meet Ted Anstedt. For seven years, he and I have partnered in the service of our shared vision. This collaboration has tremendous synergy due to our passion, complementary skill sets, and professional experiences. We aim to positively impact society through our training programs. We aim to empower individuals and organizations to reach extraordinary heights.

Our programs represent the current state of our understanding of how people create a flourishing life.  We are motivated by the belief that when enough people live their best life, humanity will hit a tipping point. The result will be an unimaginable transformation in the world.