Mindful Leaders: A Self-Coaching Guide & Toolkit

This book provides simple, straightforward tools for learning some essential practices of mindful leadership. You will learn to:

  • Step out of conditioned behaviors, unconscious biases, and reactivity.
  • See the bigger perspective.
  • Maintain focus and clarity in the midst of high stakes challenges.
  • Improve decision-making and judgment.
  • Direct positive conflict and orient others toward solutions.
  • Unlock your potential to be a mindful leader.
  • Transform your own life, your team, your organization, and the world with mindfulness.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness-Based Strategies for Success & Happiness

The aim of this workbook is to help individuals assess and build the skills of emotional intelligence. Readers will improve their ability to understand and manage emotions, change counterproductive thinking patterns, read others, build positive relationships, and resolve conflict more effectively. The workbook provides practical information and application exercises on how to build and apply these skills at work, at home, and in relationships. Activities include self-assessments, experiential exercises, mindfulness practices, meditation, and working with personal scenarios.

Thrive: Self-Coaching for Happiness & Success

 Thriving emerges from a skill set and like any skill set, it can be learned. This workbook guides readers through the Self-Coaching for Happiness® process to build these skills. Highly practical techniques and action plans equip readers with tools to transform their lives and thrive.

Mindful: A Self-Coaching Guide and Toolkit

The step-by-step program outlined in this guide and toolkit equips you with the tools to develop mindfulness and apply these practices in work, relationships, and the rest of your life. This book provides simple, straightforward tools for learning the most essential practices of mindfulness.

You will learn to:

  • Focus.
  • Improve clarity and concentration.
  • Step out of conditioned behaviors, unconscious biases, and reactivity.
  • Challenge limiting mindsets and enhance creativity.
  • Improve residence and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Feel more connected to others.

Laura is a contributing author in:

HBR Guide to Collaborative Teams

This HBR guide provides practical tips and advice to help you collaborate more effectively. Discover how to align others’ goals and skills so you can solve problems as a team and deliver great results. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop a shared purpose
  • Bust departmental silos
  • Lead employees who don’t report to you
  • Overcome conflict and turf wars
  • Prevent collaborative overload and fatigue
  • Use the right tools for virtual information sharing

HBR Guide to Being a Great Boss

How can you raise your leadership level to be a boss who develops trust with their employees? How do you create a culture where learning—and failing—are OK? Can you go beyond evaluating performance and distributing bonuses once a year to finding ways to regularly share productive feedback—and recognize great work—in ways that work for the individuals who work for you?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Magnify your people’s strengths
  • Communicate effectively—and regularly—with your team
  • Cultivate trust
  • Help your employees find meaning in their work
  • Challenge your people to reach beyond their current limits
  • Recognize and reward good work
  • Network to keep your team informed—and visible
  • Help struggling employees improve
  • Bring out the best in your people—and yourself