Unleash your power and achieve your most audacious goals. Break through mental limits and create the life you desire. Equipped with the science of habit design and neuroscience, you’ll achieve measurable results.


for executives, creatives, and high performing teams

Take your leadership and impact to the next level with results coaching. Former coaching clients include senior leaders at Google, Accenture, and Equinix.


for life optimization

Close the gap between your potential and where you are now in relationships, life flourishing, health and success.


This is without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Laura was able to awake a sense of awareness in me that I will forever cherish. Her words opened and solidified new ways of thinking and truly living wholeheartedly. She has helped me discover and develop the tools I need to pursue a life of happiness.
Brent Van Slyke, Halifax, Nova Scotia