Unleash your power and achieve your most audacious goals. Break through mental limits and create the life you desire. Equipped with the science of habit design and neuroscience, you’ll achieve measurable results. With a PhD in positive psychology, I’ve worked with top leaders worldwide at  companies such as Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook and Accenture.


Leaders, Teams, and High Potentials

Take leadership and success to the next level with results coaching. Former coaching clients include senior leaders at Google, Apple, and Accenture. Practical, science-based coaching that challenges you to develop your best, achieving your greatest. Illuminate blindspots, challenge mindsets, build success narratives, and leverage strengths. Sessions are online, typically meeting bimonthly for 3 months to a year.


Life Optimization

Close the gap between your potential and where you are now in relationships, life flourishing, health and success. Develop skill sets, build habits, and expand your range to get to where you know you could be.


Laura is captivating and commanding in front of an audience. She brought clarity to complex topics in a striking and invigorating way. We felt privileged to have her speak here!
Christina Marini, Santa Barbara, CA